Orbit joins forces with industry leaders to build profitable and highly scalable services, products and companies.

We work closely with our partners by leveraging their assets to scale proven business models. The startups and innovations we build generate sustainable growth and shape the future of industries. We have developed and delivered successful tech companies and products.


We work pragmatically and result-driven. Our teams consist of experienced experts with impressive track records. We know the right methods - and use them specifically to achieve measurable results.


We are entrepreneurs, not consultants. Our claim is to generate measurable business impact, not worthless slide decks. That's why we work KPI-driven and ROI-driven in all our projects.

Long-term partners

We think in terms of partnerships, not projects. With our customers, we build sustainable innovations and long-term relationships.  This is how we create real value for all parties involved.

We have built innovations across industries

Real Estate
Logistic & Transportation
Finance & Insurance

Building new businesses with Orbit

With experience from early ideas until full rollout, we partner with our clients in all stages of creating new business models, corporate ventures and business units.

Market & Ecosystem Screening

Get in-depth insights into opportunities and risks of your industry, markets and technologies in order to make targeted strategic decisions and successfully implement innovations.

Piloting Business Models

Your key to successful business building. We accompany you through the entire innovation process, from finding the right business idea to market launch and hiring key talents.

Designing Business Opportunities

We strategically shape your business and develop innovative solutions that drive your success. With our business design approach, we make business ideas flourish and help you dominate your market.

Incubation Execution & Support

We implement the designed ventures, realize go-to-market strategies, establish functioning operational setups and assist in hiring the final venture team.

Business Support & Corporate Assistance

We support existing ventures and help to set and steer strategic directions.

Create innovative products with Orbit

We combine profound process and technology experience with our agile startup mentality to discover and build impactful products quickly and successfully.

Innovation Opportunity Research

We identify opportunity profiles that strategically fit to your company and create a foundation for new business models and innovations.

Idea/Product Discovery & Evaluation

Using low- and no-code prototypes, we evaluate the most critical hypotheses behind new digital products and services. This is how we iteratively and data-based reduce uncertainties and find successful innovations.

AI-Driven Business (Re-)Design

We design AI-first. Our product and tech experts design and implement AI-supported processes that are impact-oriented and user-centered – and all that without complicated slides and empty phrases.

Rapid Prototyping & Development

We are your end-to-end partner for digital success. From research to technical implementation, our team combines all the skills needed to quickly structure and solve any complex task.

Tech-Driven Optimization

We know and use the technologies you need to digitize and optimize complex business processes. This makes us your experts for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Our key success factors

Identifying and maintaining the innovation sweet spot is an ongoing process that requires a balance of creativity, strategic thinking, and operational excellence.


We ensure our products and services meet customer needs and wants, making them appealing and valuable in the market.


We assess if a product or service can be profitable and sustainable in the long run within the market.


We make sure our product or business model work by considering resources, technology, and capabilities when creating business models.

Strategic Fit

We make sure any new idea or business plan aligns perfectly with your company's goals, resources and the market, boosting your strategy.

Our team combines the expertise of powerful consultancies, disruptive start-ups and game-changing companies.

Generation Future Talks: The podcast with & for disruptors and enablers.

In our "Generation Future" talk series, host Adrian Ewecker talks to leading experts and decision-makers about the future of their industry. Immerse yourself in exciting discussions and find out first-hand how the future is being shaped. Be there when visionaries share their ideas and strategies!