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How it works

The Singularity AI combines the proven Orbit Innovation Framework with artificial intelligence and individual requirements, enabling it to structure and optimise innovation projects in a focused and customised way.

Step 1

Answer simple questions about your innovation challenge

Step 2

Singularity analyses the best approach and methodology for your challenge

Step 3

Singularity produces impressive results in less than a minute

For innovative business models and products

Singularity helps to find and realise new business models and sharpen digital products in every industry. With simple data input and instructions, Singularity becomes your personal AI venture builder.

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Singularity finds hidden business potential in your industry

Understanding users and developing products that inspire

Describing, designing and testing new business models

Creating clarity and consensus about a new product

Evaluate easily the potential of your project in seconds

Generate new product ideas and compare them with each other

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